Presell & Promotional Displays

Captivate Your Captive Audience


Turn wait time into great time

Placing digital signage where guests can view them as pre-sell promotional displays before they reach the menu is a cutting edge strategy that is turning customer wait time into brand-building, revenue generation.

Drive-thru guests may spend as much as half their time waiting to reach the menu board. Greeting guests with high impact Acrelec presell displays when they enter the property immediately engages customers with your brand.

Reduce actual wait time and speed order taking

Guests are most receptive to suggestive selling when they first arrive on property. By viewing menu options earlier in the queue, drive-thru guests feel less pressure and are better prepared to order once they reach the menu board.

Acrelec presell and promotional displays can:

o    Promote and test new products in the best possible light

o    Creating interesting and engaging menu merchandising to engage millennials

o    Create co-branding partnerships with vendors and suppliers


Digital signs can increase the success of a special promotion by as much as 300 percent (Nielson)

Perceived wait time can be reduced by up to 40 percent when customers view digital displays. (Arbitron 2009)

70 percent of adults made an unplanned purchase as a result of viewing the product on a digital display


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