Acrelec Outdoor Digital Menu Displays

Brilliant clarity, weather impermeable, ready to light up your menu and make your guest hungry for more.  More combos, more LTOs, more beverages. More desserts.

Acrelec Drive-thru Menu Displays

Coffee steams in a cup, soda bubbles in an ice cold glass. Salads look crisper and burgers look better. Acrelec displays are changing the way quick service and fast casual restaurants are marketing their brands and merchandising their products in the drive-thru.

The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Menu Displays

Acrelec Digital Drive-thru Menu Displays will result in higher average orders, more combo and beverage sales and the ability to motivate your guests to purchase the items that make a difference to your bottom line.

Our digital displays instantly communicate that your brand is at the forefront of what’s new and relevant to consumers. You will improve the overall look of your restaurant exterior and eliminate the high cost of printing, distribution and labor required to manage static signs.

Acrelec’s Digital Menu Software (DMS) provides you a user-friendly administrative dashboard – available through any internet connection that lets you download content and manage which devices are displaying what content. You can adapt the menu by day part, location or any criteria you choose and present a cleaner, more organized menu that will simplify your guests’ decisions and speed them through the queue.

Acrelec’s Transformation Platform (ATP) provides enterprise-level control over all your digital devices. Your outdoor drive thru menus, order confirmation displays,  indoor self-service and digital menus, order ready boards and curbside kiosks are  managed through one web application – accessible anywhere, anytime.


Ultimate Menu Flexibility

Draw attention to excess inventory, remove out-of-stock items

Promote top sellers by day part

Comply with changing local, state and Federal regulations

Easily test new items

Acrelec ALPINE - ACE Series

Acrelec Alpine is the outdoor choice in the Acrelec Customizable Enclosure (ACE) Series.  Imagine choosing a header and footer design, a color and peripherals and creating a kiosk thats is truly unique to your brand.

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Since the advent of outdoor digital signage, the Acquesta (developed by HyperActive Technologies for the world’s most well-known QSR brands) is a 32″ display that’s a cost effective, rugged solution for a drive-thru extraordinaire!

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