The first single-source digital enterprise management system to address the needs of restaurants, retailers and other multi-unit brands.


The Acrelec Transformation Platform (ATP) is a cloud-based multi-application platform that provides brands with all the tools and technology needed to create a digital enterprise and manage hardware, software, content and services for both proprietary and 3rd party applications. ATP is built from the ground up by Acrelec engineers who have worked with many of the world’s largest brands.

ATP is an integrated program of systems and processes that helps digital executives, marketing and IT resources have the freedom to focus on their core business while providing an end-to-end architecture that orchestrates the physical and digital solutions that help transform the customer journey.

The Platform provides:

o The ability to build flexible, scalable customer-centric solutions that enhance the customer experience at every digital touchpoint: kiosk, display, web, mobile

o Secure access to all information and apps through out the system

o A single-view of your entire digital landscape from a single online portal

o The simplest way to create and control digital content across all your connected devices

o Real-time dashboards to monitor the health of the network and the effectiveness of your campaigns

o Online tools that are easy for non-technical users to understand

The Acrelec Core Architecture contains all the knowledge needed to sustain and evolve a brand’s digital strategy, from provisioning digital devices to monitoring and reporting on all activity across the digital network. It creates a secure connection between all devices and servers and provides remote access for diagnostics and reporting. It simplifies the process of assigning and identifying each device and associating it with the peripherals, applications and content.

The Acrelec Digital Experience (DX) Market is your single sign-on solution to get a birds-eye view of everything deployed across your digital landscape.  It is, in essence, an omnichannel desktop with easy-to-use tools to manage every location, every device, every piece of content and every application with real time dashboards to help monitor and refine your campaigns. It provides the user with the ability to create campaign and filters to apply changes, such as new applications and new content, to all orsecure a selection of kiosks.

What transformation would be complete without a cocoon and a monarch? Acrelec Transformation Platform has both. The Cocoon is an information repository that contains all definitions of a kiosk including its location, assigned applications and content, and peripherals. Monarch is the graphical user interface presented when a customer arrives at the kiosk. It may present a special screen when the kiosk is not in use; recognize when a user is in front of the kiosk, change based on time of day, display your chosen applications, allow for the user to select their language preference and more.

There’s only one way to experience all the Acrelec Transformation Platform has to offer.  Let us provide you with a live online demo that will change the way you think about how you will succeed in the age of digital engagement.




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