Acrelec has designed a suite of digital technologies that provide leading brands with ways to increase productivity and efficiency and enhance every customer experience.


Here are just a few of our latest innovations:

Acrelec Accuracy: Hands-free Order Preparation Assistant

Order accuracy every time? It’s in the bag! Our voice recognition-based order prep solution gives your team a hands-free way to confirm that what your guest ordered is what you deliver.

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Acrelec Anywhere: Customer Location System

Clear the congestion from the counter and the kiosks by offering food delivery to their table. Acrelec makes it easy connect customers with their orders and accurately locate them anywhere on the property.

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Order Ready Displays

Say goodbye to that inefficient process of calling out order numbers; taking time away from your counter staff and confusing your customers.  Our digital Order Ready Displays alert customers when their order has arrived at the counter.

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Acrelec at the Curbside

Now any fast casual brand can compete with their neighborhood drive thru with Acrelec at the Curbside. Place an outdoor kiosk specifically designed for curbside parking zones, and customers can place mobile orders or order on site with their meals delivered right to their vehicle

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Acrelec provides all the software components you need for successful digital transformation


From digital transformation planning to implementation to content development and more, our team has the digital experience to make every project a success.


If you can dream it, we can build it. If they build it, they will come.

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