Acrelec in the Drive-Thru

Transform the drive-thru outdoor experience

As presell displays, full digital menus and order confirmation displays, ACRELEC® KIOSKS AND DIGITAL DISPLAYS create a memorable drive-thru experience with eye-catching graphics.

Say '86 to Boring, Static Signs, Fire-Up Sensational

Replacing static signs offers a significant reduction in print production and associated labor costs.

Create content that motivates guests to add to their order.

ACRELEC KIOSKS AND DIGITAL DISPLAYS provide you with limitless creative options to bring your brand to life while providing guests with information they need to make faster menu decisions.


Put your menu in a whole new light

It’s the 21st century: time to serve up your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks options with fresh, extra crisp images and animations that make guests hungry for more.

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ACRELEC Presell/Promotional Displays

Turning wait time into great time

From the moment your guests arrive, you have a captive audience that’s ready and receptive to learning what’s new on the menu. Strategically placed presell displays give you all the ingredients for success.

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Acrelec Order Confirmation Solutions

Improve order accuracy and boost customer confidence

ACRELEC provides real-time POS information to confirm your guests’ order and speed them through the line.

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Acrelec QTimer®

The world’s leading drive-thru service timer

QTimer® is one of the most innovative real-time drive-thru management systems in the world. Its fluid integration with point-of-sale systems provides valuable insight to menu items, order size, out of stock items and service issues that may be causing slowdowns in the drive-thru.

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Acrelec Curbside Solutions

Turn any outdoor parking spot into an order zone; integrate outdoor kiosks with mobile ordering for unmatched customer convenience.

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Acrelec provides all the software components you need for successful digital transformation.


From digital transformation planning to implementation to content development and more, our team has the digital experience to make every project a success.

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Digital displays can increase drive-thru sales by as much as 50%