Acrelec Order Ready Displays

Things are looking up for more efficient order delivery.

Order Ready Display

Hot food, happy customers.

#23, your order is ready. #23?…#23??…#23??!?

What could be more time-consuming, unproductive and frustrating for your staff and your customers than calling out order numbers over a noisy lunch or dinner crowd. Finally, tPFry Trayhere’s a great solution that combines attractive Acrelec digital displays with your POS and kitchen management system to eliminates this confusing and inefficient process. A prominently-placed Acrelec Order Ready Display alerts customers that their meal is ready – allowing your team to focus on placing more orders and servicing guests while moving happy customers along their way.

Acrelec Order Ready Displays are simple to configure and easy to install, affordable and stylish. Ready to place your order? It will be ready in no time.

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