Tablets that turn from touchscreen order pads to digital game tablets, and tables that put video, animated graphics and web apps at your fingertips : that’s the FIDGI line of interactive fun.

FidgiTableAcrelec Digital Game Tables

Acrelec's FidgiTABLETS

Put the power to order faster in the hands of your guests – many who prefer to place their order, quickly and privately on an Acrelec FidgiTABLET. Customers can order their meal, enter your contest, take a survey, join your loyalty program from one counter-top interactive touchpad.


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Acrelec's FidgiTABLEs

Give your guests a reason to pull up a chair and get in touch with your brand.

Acrelec’s FidgiTABLES are virtual tabletops that give your guests an interconnected customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Allow them to chose from secure web applications and brand-based games and play together in our state-of-the-art digital sandbox.

FidgeTABLES run on the Acrelec Transformation Platform, the definitive digital device management system that allows you to orchestrate the deliver of content safely and securely.


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