Acrelec at the Front Entrance

Replacing paper menu case and outdoor chalkboards with a Acrelec Outdoor Digital Displays at the front entrance of your restaurant is a new and exciting way to promote your establishment, increase foot traffic and bring your menu to life.

Stop passers-by in their tracks.


Acrelec Outdoor Digital Displays at the front entrance are a simple and affordable way to elevate your brand while bringing your menu to life. With Acrelec, your exterior menu display is always up-to-date. Your specials are always special. Waiting guests can view engaging full motion graphics reducing perceived wait time by 40%. What’s more, the display is customizable based on time of day, daily specials or special events.

Acrelec combine the most reliable outdoor digital technology able to withstand the harshest weather conditions with beautiful image clarity even in the brightest sun. Best of all, Acrelec was the first outdoor display to deliver Power over Ethernet – one cable connectivity that requires no outdoor electricity for the most efficient, low cost operation

Acrelec® – The first name in first impressions

o    Front entrance menu boxes are easy to install with wall or podium mount
o    Lowest cost and carbon footprint – no power or moving parts in the display
o    Easily readable in direct sunlight
Impervious to extreme temperatures
o    Military-grade protection from the elements


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