Acrelec Digital Menu Solutions: Digital Device + Software = Magic!

Coffee steams in a cup, soda bubbles in an ice cold glass. Salads look crisper and burgers look better. Acrelec displays are changing the way quick service and fast casual restaurants are marketing their brands and merchandising their products inside and outside the restaurant.

Digital Menu Software Gives you Total Content Control

Acrelec Digital Menu Solutions combine the industry’s best digital displays with the most advanced menu software management tools to gives you control of your indoor and outdoor digital menus in ways Mcdonalds-2that will result in higher average orders, more LTO, combo and beverage sales and the ability to motivate your guests to purchase items that make a difference to your bottom line.

With Acrelec’s Digital Menu Software, you will instantly communicate that your brand is at the forefront of what’s new and relevant to consumers and improve how you deliver content to your digital devices.

Web_indoorOur software offers numerous features and function to light up your overhead counter menu, your interactive touchscreen kiosks, your drive-thru screens and curbside enclosures – all with specific content, apps and schedules.

We will help you take your digital strategy to the next level.

o Schedule menus by day part, location or any criteria you choose and present a cleaner, more organized menu that will simplify your guests’ decisions and satisfy their appetite for exceptional service

o Change menu items, prices and promotions from any Internet connection and see the results instantly

o Test new strategies and promotions

o Boost menu items based on a customer’s order preferences

o Leverage the Internet of Things and customer data through mobile integration, RFID, Bluetooth and other evolving technologies

o Add live video chat between customers and order takers to create a more personalized brand experience


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