Order Confirmation Displays

Alleviate drive-thru order angst with real-time digital order review integrated with your POS

Deliver exceptional service and order accuracy every time

Customers expect nothing less than total accuracy when you deliver their order in the drive-thru.  Acrelec Order Confirmation Displays and Acrelec OCS (order confirmation software) come together to provide you with the most reliable and most affordable digital solution. It will help you provide your guests with the assurance that their order is accurate and increase drive-thru throughput as less time is spent both placing the order, at the menu and accepting the order at the payment window.

Utilize Acrelec OCS in an AVERA or ACCENT kiosk – both with rugged 15″ outdoor screen or embed the OCS functionality into your outdoor digital menu running on the Acrelec Addie 46″ screen or Acquesta 32″ kiosks.

Order Up Excellence

Increase sales and consumer confidence

Increase order accuracy helps move more cars and more customers through the queue while the display can offer up promotional items for successful upselling.

Acrelec Order Confirmation Software Advantages

o   Before order image display customizable with point of purchase graphics including video

o   Automatic resizable order confirmation text displayed in real-time

o   Trigger order-based suggestive selling text and images based upon key words

o   Translate compressed POS codes (e.g., chkn to chicken) in real-time to full language descriptions

o   Schedule content based upon daypart

o   Schedule start/stop date/time for content (able to specify change for one or more dayparts, day of the week)

o   Scrolling message at bottom of screen with customizable font type, color and speed of display

o  Cloud-based or customer-specific updating of content and software components (enterprise configuration management)

o   Customizable content – right down to per-location basis

o   Remote support capability (i.e. logmein or equivalent)

o   Health & status monitoring & reports

Acrelec Order Confirmation Software in a Stand-alone 15" ACCENT Kiosk
Acrelec Order Confirmation Software in a Stand-alone 15″ ACCENT Kiosk
Embed Acrelec OCS within an Acquesta dual 32″ Kiosk

Acrelec ACCENT - 15" OCD Kiosk

Designed to withstand the harshest outdoor environment and display your content perfectly even in the brightest sunlight, Acrelec Accent is a great choice to boost productivity in the drive-thru. It’s the first outdoor kiosk to use a single cable power-over-ethernet connection to reduce operating costs and make installation a breeze.

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Acrelec AVERA - 15" ADVANTAGE Series Kiosk

Get all the bells and whistles of a custom 15″ order confirmation display with out the time and expense of manufacturing your own enclosure. Add payment features, change the color, add your brand and you’ll be boosting consumer confidence across your locations.

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