A digital sandbox for family fun.

Welcome to the future of digital infotainment. FidgiTABLE brings the physical tabletop to life with interactive digital content to create the latest “phygital” customer experience. Customizable for a broad variety of games, apps and communication, the entertainment and self-service options that you can deliver with FidgiTABLE are as broad as your imagination. Your guests can play games, read the news, view brand promotions, watch videos and more. FidgiTABLE turns wait time into great time!

♣ Provide customers with a playful, convenient and engaging experience

♣ Reduce perceived waiting time

♣ Push dynamic digital advertising and promotions

♣ Allow customers to interact with your website while at your location FidgiTableODYSSEY Acrelec 2_stickÇe

Acrelec's FidgiTABLETS

Put the power to order faster in the hands of your guests – many who prefer to place their order, quickly and privately on an Acrelec FidgiTABLET. Customers can order their meal, enter your contest, take a survey, join your loyalty program from one counter-top interactive touchpad.


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