Table Service Restaurants

Acrelec digital solutions for table service restaurants

A fresh approach to customer engagement

Acrelec Transformation Platform is a comprehensive and integrated platform of digital displays specially designed for restaurant exteriors.

Make the best, first and lasting impression.

Forget the menu case and the chalkboard

Acrelec Dynamic Digital Displays at the front entrance present your menu in the best possible light – day or night, enhancing your restaurant’s trade dress and welcoming customers.

76% of American consumers enter a business for the first time because of the sign


46% of American would use a curbside option if it were available at table service restaurants

NRA Study

Acrelec at the Front Entrance

Acrelec at the Front Entrance is a simple and affordable way to elevate your brand while bringing your menu to life. With Acrelec Outdoor Menu Display, your exterior menu is always up-to-date. Your specials are always special.

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Acrelec at the Curbside

Over the next decade, more and more restaurant sales will transition to mobile ordering and take away. With Acrelec at the Curbside, you’ll enhance your restaurant’s trade dress and communicate to your pick-up guests that you care about their experience.

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Durable, Affordable Outdoor Displays

Acrelec Outdoor Digital Displays are the most reliable outdoor digital signage that can create a compelling outdoor customer experience. Our LCDs are the brightest, most rugged and most efficient outdoor display to use Power over Ethernet in the outdoor environment to make implementation a breeze and lower energy costs.

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Tables and Tablets

Bring digital to your customer experience with digital tables and tablets that put your customers in touch with your brand.

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