Quick Service Restaurant Solutions

A Full Suite of Indoor & Outdoor QSR Solutions

Acrelec pioneered the digital kiosk for the QSR industry and has worked with the world’s leading brands to design and deploy kiosks, indoor and outdoor digital menus, tablets and kitchen productivity solutions across the world. In 2016, with the purchase of HyperActive Technologies, the US leader in outdoor restaurant solutions, Acrelec added the gold standard in QSR service timer systems and order confirmation solutions.

Improving the Indoor Customer Experience

Indoor Kiosks

Captivate your audience with powerful touchscreen kiosks design to engage your guests and provide them with ordering convenience and speed of service. An industry stand-out, every Acrelec indoor kiosk is conceived by French industrial engineers with a passion for excellence and a long history of creativity and innovation.

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Indoor Digital Displays

Acrelec can turn any digital display into an engaging menu that presents your brand and your food choices with crystal clarity. Our digital menu software provides all the features you need to make changes to all your menu components on the fly while orchestrating day parts and pushing the appropriate content to any part of the display.

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Order Ready Displays

Say goodbye to that inefficient process of calling out order numbers; taking time away from your counter staff and confusing your customers. Our digital Order Ready Displays alert customers when their order has arrived at the counter.

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Customer Locator System

Add a token dispenser to your indoor kiosk and deliver orders wherever your customers takes a seat. It’s Acrelec Anywhere™.

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Whether you present your guests with the convenience of tablet self-service, or create an entertaining environment with digital game tables, you’ll captivate your visitors and make them happy they chose your brand.fidgiTablet

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Driving Outdoor Consumer Engagement

Outdoor Kiosks

Put your menu in a whole new light

It’s the 21st century: time to serve up your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks options with fresh, extra crisp images and animations that make guests hungry for more.

Acrelec has designed a beautiful line of outdoor kiosks that are stylish, sturdy and affordable. Our striking, industrial-grade enclosures will present your menu and your brand as an innovative leader. Our software platform will give you total control and flexibility to manage your menu quickly and easily.

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Outdoor Digital Displays

A rugged and reliable system that combines the most reliable outdoor digital signage with the most flexible content creation and media management tools to create a compelling customer experience with digital menus, order confirmation displays and presell digital signage.

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Order Confirmation Solutions

Improve order accuracy and boost customer confidence

Acrelec’s order confirmation solutions provides real-time POS information to confirm your guests’ order and speed them through the line.

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Presell and Promotional Solutions

Turning wait time into great time

From the moment your guests arrive, you have a captive audience that’s ready and receptive to learning what’s new on the menu. Strategically placed presell displays give you all the ingredients for success.

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Curbside Solutions

No drive thru, no problem. Integrate with mobile ordering to provide guests with the convenience of curbside service.

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The best drive-thru service timer in the industry

QTimer® is one of the most innovative real-time drive-thru management systems in the world. Its fluid integration with point-of-sale systems provides valuable insight to menu items, order size and speed issues that may be causing slowdowns in the drive-thru.

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