Acrelec is helping casinos deliver faster and better customer service with self-service kiosks inside and outside their locations.

A Sure Bet for Guest Engagement

atriacasinoCasinos are using Acrelec kiosks to enhance their guests’ experience, increase speed-of-service and add convenience to the customer journey. Acrelec offers brands indoor and outdoor kiosks that are turning heads and turning profits. Our crystal clear digital LCD displays and beautiful design kiosks will help you deliver a more convenient and engaging customer experience. Add our powerful digital platform technology and content management software and you’ve got a kiosk that can handle your indoor self-service and outdoor welcoming kiosks.

o     Customer loyalty – Enrollment, coupon printing, reward tracking

o     Customer satisfaction – Conduct surveys, enter contests & sweepstakes

o     Merchandising – Promote new services

o     Hotel check-in and check-out


Indoor Kiosks

Acrelec kiosks provide elegance, entertainment and efficiency for self-service applications for customer loyalty, wayfinding, reservations and tickets and tabletop infotainment.

Acrelec ASPIRE - Custom Kiosk Design

If you can imagine it, we can design it. If we build it, they will come. Our industrial designers and engineers will work with you to design a bespoke kiosk solution that presents your brand in the best possible way. Our software solutions can create the casino application interface that’s right for you.

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ADDIE - Acrelec Customizable Enclosure (ACE)

ADDIE (Acrelec digital display indoor enclosure) is the gold standard in the Casino industry for indoor self-service. It’s beautiful enclosure design is the backdrop that can be tailored to meet your requirements for customer check-in, loyalty and rewards programs, ticketing, wayfinding, scanning, printing and more. Change the header and base of the kiosk to reflect your style and add your brand identification and colors to make it your own.

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ABIZA - 27" Indoor Kiosk

Take charge of any indoor self-service applications with this sleek and stylish kiosk.  It’s part of the Acrelec ADVANTAGE series and that means you get many of the benefits of a custom kiosk without the time or expense to create one. ABIZA can be manufactured with a choice of headers and base configuration and house numerous payment, scanner and printer options.

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ASTRA - An Easy-to- Implement ACCESS Series Kiosk

ATRIA is helping casinos stand-out with its regal design and narrow footprint. Ready to roll off the production floor with your brand identification and software applications customized for many self-service applications, from customer check-in to loyalty and rewards.

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ALTO - 22" Indoor Kiosk

This majestic kiosk will present your self-service applications in a way that says your brand is a leader in delivering convenience, speed of service and information access to customers.

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Outdoor Kiosks

Our fully-sealed, beautiful and rugged weather-proof enclosures will protect your investment in digital technology no matter what the weather.

ALPINE - Acrelec Customizable Enclosure (ACE)

Tailor Your Own Outdoor Kiosk

ALPINE, Acrelec Customizable Enclosure (ACE) for outdoor environments provides you with all the options of a custom kiosk in an affordable, fast-start package. Start with the ALPINE 46″ commanding LCD digital display and our brilliantly designed enclosure and make it your own by selecting from a variety of headers and footer designs, colors and brand identification options.

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ASPEN- Acrelec ACCESS Series Kiosk - Awesome & Affordable

When you want all the impact of an interactive outdoor kiosk, but want it fast and affordably, Acrelec ASPEN is the kiosk for you. As part of the Acrelec ACCESS Series, we can customize this striking 15″ kiosk to represent your casino as an innovative leader on the cutting edge of digital technology.

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AVERA - Acrelec ADVANTAGE Series - 15" display

Our Avera 15″ touchscreen is the perfect compact solution for a variety of self service casino applications.

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