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HyperActive Technologies Changes Name to Acrelec America

U.S. industry leader joins global provider to deliver end-to-end digital solutions for restaurant and retail brands

September 26, 2016 – HyperActive Technologies, the leading provider of outdoor restaurant technology acquired by the Acrelec Group, is changing its name to Acrelec America. The name change reflects the company’s deepening relationship with its international parent corporation, the Acrelec Group. The French-based Acrelec is the world’s leading provider of digital solutions to restaurants, retailers and other global brands. The acquisition of HyperActive Technologies was completed in May of this year.

“Over the last 15 years, the HyperActive name has become synonymous with outdoor drive-thru technology. Our name change presents a very clear message that we are expanding our portfolio to include the full suite of digital technology, both indoor and outdoor, and across many industry sectors,” said Scott Marentay, chief operating officer for Acrelec America. “While we are changing our name, we remain committed to our spirit of innovation and our passion for serving our customers.”

Acrelec America brings to the U.S., Canada and Latin America a portfolio of technology that includes self-order kiosks, indoor and outdoor digital displays, drive-thru, curbside and gaming solutions. HyperActive products such as QTimer®, the QSR industry’s gold-standard for drive-thru time management, will now be sold worldwide. With Acrelec hardware, software and services, brands can create a “phygital” experience for consumers; one that that blends physical and digital technology to add convenience, speed of service, engagement and purchasing ease to the customer journey.

Jacques Mangeot, founder and managing director for the Acrelec Group, noted, “Acrelec is positioned to lead restaurant brands and retailers around the world as they embrace digital transformation as an essential part of their business model. We’re confident that our team of application specialists, hardware designers, software engineers and support staff in America are well-qualified to meet the needs of the industry.”

About Acrelec America

Acrelec logoAcrelec America, formerly HyperActive Technologies, is part of the Acrelec Group, a leading digital transformation company that provides the world’s largest restaurant, retail and other industries’ well-known brands with software, hardware and services to reimagine the customer experience for the digital age. The company’s self-order kiosks, indoor and outdoor digital displays, drive-thru systems, curbside/click-and-collect and gaming solutions help brands engage consumers by creating a “phygital” world that blends physical and digital technology. Acrelec pioneered digital kiosks in quick service restaurants and gained prominence developing digital commerce platforms for the world’s largest retail brands. Acrelec has over 20,000 installations in 49 countries and over 600 employees worldwide. For more information, visit # # #

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Acrelec is not a kiosk company, although we make some of the world's finest kiosks for the world's largest brands.

Acrelec is not a digital signage company although our digital displays are transforming indoor and outdoor environments across the globe.

Acrelec is a digital transformation company that works with the world's leading restaurant, retail and other industries' leading brands to reinvent the enterprise and reimagine the customer experience for the digital age.

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