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Henning Pangels Named Vice President of Engineering

Organization prepares to integrate European and U.S. restaurant and retail technology

July 19, 2016 – Acrelec America, formerly HyperActive Technologies, the restaurant technology firm acquired by French kiosk company, the Acrelec Group, has announced that Henning Pangels has been appointed to the position of vice president of engineering. As a key member of the company’s executive team, Pangels will help formulate the technology strategy that will integrate Acrelec’s digital transformation platform, self-service kiosks and tablets with HyperActive’s drive-thru solutions.

”We’re delighted to have Henning directing the company’s software development efforts and managing the engineering team, policies and procedures as we bring our parent company’s international solutions to the U.S.” said Scott Marentay, chief operating officer for Acrelec AmericaHenning_8x10. “Throughout the company’s 15-year history, he has contributed immeasurably to creating the technology that allowed HyperActive to become the QSR market leader.”

Mr. Pangels began his work with HyperActive in 2001 as one of the company’s three founders. Since that time, he has contributed to the design, coding, testing and roll-out of every HyperActive product, from the original predictive kitchen analytics to the industry’s leading drive-thru service timer and digital display technology. The company credits Mr. Pangels with single-handedly creating the company’s point-of-sale integration solution.

After receiving his Masters and Bachelor degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University, Mr. Pangels spent 13 years with the institution’s highly regarded Robotics Institute where he participated in strategic planning, recruiting and resource management.  His work there included the invention of advanced robotics for unmanned exploration of remote terrains and the design of one of the first self-driving vehicle in 1988. Prior to joining HyperActive, he served as chief software engineer at TPresence, Inc. and contributed as a consultant to a number of technology startup firms. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Pangels holds two patents in the fields of restaurant technology and agricultural robotics. He was born in Mettlach, Germany and now resides in the north hills of Pittsburgh.

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Acrelec America, formerly HyperActive Technologies, is part of the Acrelec Group, a leading digital transformation company that provides the world’s largest restaurant, retail and other well-known brands with software, hardware and services to reimagine the customer experience for the digital age. The company’s self-order kiosks, indoor and outdoor digital displays, drive-thru systems, curbside/click-and-collect and gaming solutions help brands engage consumers by creating a “phygital” world that blends physical and digital technology. Acrelec pioneered digital kiosks in quick service restaurants and gained prominence developing digital commerce platforms for the world’s largest retail brands. Acrelec has over 20,000 installations in 49 countries and over 600 employees worldwide. For more information, visit # # #

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Acrelec is not a kiosk company, although we make some of the world's finest kiosks for the world's largest brands.

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Acrelec is a digital transformation company that works with the world's leading restaurant, retail and other industries' leading brands to reinvent the enterprise and reimagine the customer experience for the digital age.

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