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We design stores of the future

Acrelec is not a kiosk company, although we make some of the world’s finest kiosks for the world’s largest brands.

Acrelec is not a digital signage company although our digital displays are transforming indoor and outdoor environments across the globe.

Acrelec is a digital transformation company that works with the world’s leading restaurant, retail and other industries’ leading brands to reinvent the enterprise and reimagine the customer experience for the digital age.

Innovative products drive revenues and save costs

Since 2004, Acrelec has led the world in providing QSR’s with innovative kiosks and digital display that help enhance the consumer experience, generate revenue and create cost savings strategies.

inovative-hardware-5-1024x10241Our industry expertise and deep technical proficiency has allowed us to create a technology portfolio that includes a wide range of indoor and outdoor solutions.

Acrelec pioneered the use of indoor kiosks in the QSR industry and become prominent for implementing digital commerce platforms for some of the world’s largest retailers.  In the last decade, the company has expanded to include offices in the U.K., Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco and

Best of both worlds

In May of 2016, the company expanded its worldwide footprint with the acquisition of HyperActive Technologies, the leading provider of outdoor restaurant solutions in the United States.

Our portfolio includes indoor and outdoor kiosks, indoor and outdoor digital displays deployed as drive-thru menus, presell and promotional displays, curbside, wayfinding, advertising, visitor information, ticketing centers and more. We offer the industry’s leading order confirmation system and  QTimer®  – the gold standard in drive-thru time management.

Integrating all your customer touch points

We are digital transformation experts who specialize in the integration of point of sale, mobile apps, online ordering and payment systems to add convenience, speed of service and purchasing ease to the customer journey.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Mission

To provide innovative technology that enhances the customer experience, improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increases revenue and profits for the brands we serve.


2014 National Champion in The European Business Awards
2013 Toshiba Best Newcomer Award
2013 Innovation Prize by Ernest & Young




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